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     Founded by director Brian G. MacDonell in 1991 as a group of teachers from Blaine Elementary in Superior that were put together to sing in a talent show for the whole school.  All 12 of us donned red choir robes and called ourselves "The Red Sensations".  We performed music from the movie "Sister Act" in the style of the singing nuns.  The students had no idea what we were singing about, but they seemed to like our energy anyway. 

     We had so much fun performing that we decided to keep doing it in the coming years and we expanded our membership.  Eventually, we thought we might be good enough to sing out in public, and began doing so as "The Superior School District Singers".  We decided to keep it non-profit and do it as a vehicle for fun - fun for us and fun for our audience.  We didn't realize that our popularity was growing in leaps and bounds and not only were we getting new concerts, we were getting requests to join our group from other members of the community.  Thus, we expanded our membership to anyone who wanted to join, and became "The Superior Singers".  We now range from 30 to 40 members strong.

     With the demand for performances, The Superior Singers expanded to their format today - two concert tours a year - one at Christmastime, and one in the summer.  Each tour averages about 13 shows - unfortunately, at times, we have had to turn down concerts because of demand.  Our Christmas show has become a cantata celebrating the real reason for the season, and our summer program varies from 50's and 60's to patriotic in nature.  We have performed in all varieties of venues, just about every church in the area as well as Fairlawn, the Superior Public Library, the Bong Memorial Center, and have been the entertainment at many reunions and banquets.  We have performed for the troops coming home as well as dedications for new landmarks. And, as always, all concerts are free and open to the public.